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Randox, our Global Sponsor is supporting Camerata Ireland and its concerts.

A message from Dr Peter FitzGerald DSc FREng CBE DL

Randox is delighted to be able to support Barry Douglas and Camerata Ireland in 2020/2021, and admire all that Camerata Ireland have achieved on a national and global basis. For our part, as the largest healthcare diagnostics company from the UK and Ireland, Randox undertakes research, development, manufacture and distribution of innovative laboratory tests and analysers. In 2019 Randox, manufactured over 4 billion tests, and operated in 145 countries. Key facilities are located in Co Antrim and Co Donegal.

Randox focuses on the provision of comprehensive, accurate and timely testing in order to identify risk to health, improve clinical diagnoses and promote preventative healthcare. Our innovations enable better healthcare outcomes and reduce the burden on healthcare services. The Randox Biochip, which enables multiple tests to be undertaken simultaneously is a unique technology. These diagnostic capabilities are available to all through our Randox Health clinics.

In early 2020 Randox recognised the threat from Covid-19 and quickly developed a test to accurately identify the virus. Testing at scale commenced within weeks to support both the UK’s National Testing Programme and private clients. Through the enormous effort and commitment of our staff, by year end Randox was operating at a capacity of 100,000 Covid-19 samples per day, making it the most productive laboratory in the UK and Ireland and amongst the very largest in Europe.

Diagnostics are critical to improvements within healthcare, and Randox are committed to remaining at the forefront of our field. In doing so we fully recognise the social and emotional value of the musical arts, in what has been a very challenging year. We very much value our association with Camerata Ireland and wish all at the Academy every success in the times ahead.

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